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Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner

Thought Agile Sweden
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Agile PM Foundation and Practitioner

AgilePM-Foundation and Practitioner certification training is for all practicing project managers, Agile team members and enterprises that are trying to learn how to plan the rapid flex and delivery of projects in order to meet the customer needs in a timely manner. Professionals trying to shape their careers as Agile team members and Agile leaders must have the AgilePM foundation and practitioner certification. Candidates can also take AgilePM foundation first and AgilePM Practitioner training later. Enterprises can greatly benefit from group AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner training for its professionals.

Ever since the AgilePM certification was introduced in the year 2010, it has gained recognition as the World’s leading certification and framework for Agile Project Management, with more than 130,000 professionals appearing for the exam Worldwide.

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Everyone who wants to gain an understanding of Agile methodologies and fast track their career by learning how to implement Agile methods should attend this course and complete the certifications. Anyone from the industry, be it a fresher or a higher management level leader can attend this course.

AgilePM Foundation certification is for practising project managers, Agile team members who wish to become Agile project managers and individuals who want to gain certification in AgilePM Practitioner course.

AgilePM Practitioner course is for individuals who have already completed AgilePM Foundation certification, Agile team members trying to become Agile project managers.

Thought Agile Sweden

At Thought Agile, we understand the importance of enhancing your skills in order to excel at your career and progress in your professional environment. In this competitive world, it is inevitable to feel left behind. As the technology is taking over major...

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