Equality Coach - International

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Course description

Equality Coach - International

Study to become a Equality Coach at Sexologiskolan!

Join from all over the world – study our Int. Line to become a much needed Equality Coach. Study your education online – and join in from different countries.

We welcome you – to a world of interesting, relevant and up to date knowledge in the fields of contemporary Sexology and Couples Therapy.

The World is ready for change – we have seen it happening for some time now – Equality and #MeToo – is here to stay! During this course – we focus our attention upon the Women and Men of this world, how do we live – together? And how do we, see, hear and respect ourselves and each other?

Join our course to become an Int. Equality Coach!

Free intro seminar - online

You are welcome to sign up for our free intro seminars where you can ask questions about our international programs. Please visit Sexologiskolan's website for more information about our upcoming seminars.

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Application procedure

Please visit Sexologiskolan's website for more information about the application procedure.


Online or in Denmark

The education can be taken 100% Online, through Zoom-Webinars – and occasionally you can join our events and other seminars on location in beautiful Copenhagen, one of the Nordic countries. We welcome you to an adventurous education and life experience! 

We also invite you to become a part of our team of counsellors, from the beginning of your study period – by renting consultation rooms at our schools in Copenhagen, beautiful located by the sea – and in Århus and Oslo – directly at the center of the cities. 

All our international educations can be taken up to 100% Online. Regardless if you live in Copenhagen or somewhere else in the world - join us directly from your living room! 

It is our experience for many years that Swedish students can advantageously choose the educations in either Norway, where the educations are in Norwegian and Danish - or the Global Line where all educations are in English.

Course content

You will study a total of 7 Modules, 3 days a week (during certain weeks, see schedule below), plus independent training and study. 100% Online incl. Examinations.

Course schedule

Module 1 (week 22)  May, 29-31, 2023

Module 2 (week 27)  July, 3-5

Module 3 (week 44)  October, 30 – November, 1

Module 4 (week 49)  December, 4-6

Module 5 (week 4)  January, 22-24

Module 6 (week 10)  March, 4-6

Module 7 (week 49)  Exam – April, 2+3


  1. Payment on admission / registration Euro 3.700. Payable within 8 days of admission 
  2. Payment in 6 installments + admission / registration. Admission / registration Euro 370, within 8 days from admission. 1st-6th rate from every 1st day of the month from 1st month of study (Euro 555 + fee Euro 50) Euro 605.

Should you become able or wish to pay your educations faster than the 12 months, the total payment will be reduced by Euro 50for each month you pay faster.


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