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International Film Program

Stockholms Filmskola
1 år
12 000 EUR Momsfri
Startdatum: augusti 2023 - Stockholm
international film program

International Film Program

International Film Program

International Film is a two semester program. During two semesters you’ll study script writing, directing, cinematography, film production, sound and editing through practical exercises as well as seminars and lecturers. The first semester is dedicated to the fundamentals of practical film making which prepares students for more in-depth studies during the second semester. The second semester offers students the opportunity to specialize in specific fields with the goal of every student developing their talent, realizing their visions, and laying the groundwork for a future in film. During the second semester, the students make a feature film together.

To apply and become admitted to the International Film Program, you need to have a highschool certificate/diploma, or such. If you don’t have this, depending on your other experiences, we can make an exception. Please write to us and let us know your situation. You need to speak, read and write English. 

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  • You will learn the basics of the complex profession of the film producer.

  • As a director you will learn to process a text and analyze the characters.

  • You will learn to write screenplays, create credible characters, conflicts and dialogues.

  • You will learn about the artistic as well as technical aspects of film editing.

  • You will go through audio recording equipment and how to handle and select the right microphone, as well as the fundamentals of sound editing.

  • You participate in workshops with actors while practicing directing.

  • As a cinematographer you will become familiar with different kind of professional camera equipment and learn about lighting in different environments. 

  • You will get training in how to pitch your ideas.

  • You will make films in studio, on location, and outdoors. We always work creatively in small production teams of 5-7 students. 

    The school year is divided in autumn- and spring terms, with a Christmas break in December. Classes are usually scheduled Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, with a few exceptions as certain elements, such as film shootings, can take place on evenings and weekends.

Examen & Intyg

A study certificate with a description of completed course elements is given to a student who has completed the education up to and including the last semester.


Some of the teachers of the international program

Charlotta Tengroth, cinematography teacher: Educated at the Stockholm Film School (1993-1995) and the Dramatic Institute. Works with both fiction and documentary. Cinematographer of award-winning films like The Bear (2019) and The Sound of Noise (2010).

Jess Wolfsberg, sound teacher: Graduated from The National Danish Film School 2011. Award-winning sound designer, re-recording mixer and sound-recordist on drama series, feature-, short-, documentary- and animation-films. Has, among other films, worked at Call Mom! (2019), The Amateurs (2018) and Something Must Break (2014).

Alexander Moberg, direction teacher: Director, teacher, lecturer and coach. Educated at the Dramatic Institute’s film line during the years 1982-1985. Alexander has directed film, tv, theater, shows and musicals.

Fredrik Hiller: Teacher in scriptwriting and editing:  Educated at Stockholms Filmskola (1992-1993) and The Theatre Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö (1995-1998) Besides writing and directing Psalm 21 (2009) och  Operation Ragnarök (2018) Fredrik has an impressive background as theatre playwright and director.


€ 12000 /year

Stockholms Filmskola

Stockholms Filmskola

Stockholms Filmskola, grundad 1984, är en dedikerad skola vars utbildning fokuserar helt på praktisk film och skådespeleri. Vi erbjuder längre grundläggande utbildning samt flertalet kortare kurser inom specifika yrkesområden. Stockholms Filmskola har en lång erfarenhet av professionell filmproduktion och lärande....

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Hitta till utbildaren

Stockholms Filmskola

Karusellplan 11
126 31 Hägersten

Tel: 08-616 00 35
Mobil 0760222990


Snittbetyg: 4,5

Baseras på 4 recensioner.


Gunnar’s method of working on the students’ scripts really helps to find out problems and makes the student solve them in a creative way


I came to this school knowing very a few things about cinematography and now I feel comfortable, also having two cinematography teachers in their differences works very well to get a full tuition. Shooting in 16mm was fantastic experience and learning. Great!


It was very good also the opportunity to collaborate between classes. I think I described basically everything, but once again I loved my time here this was really one of the best periods of my life

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