Interior Designer – Distance course basic

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interior designer basic

Interior Designer – Distance course basic

Interior design course - basic

Inredningsakademin – The Interior Design Academy of Scandinavia organizes modern courses (basic and continuation) to become a Certified Interior Designer. The training focuses on you to be able to have a job and income as an Interior Designer after graduation. No prerequisites, only an interest in interior design.

Theoretical basis

If you study the basic course you will learn the theoretical basis for creating attractive environments. The basic course also contains assignments that will be corrected and annotated by the programs teachers. If you choose to also study the continuation course you will have the opportunity to be examined as a Certified Interior Designer. You decide when you start the course and the study pace.

The Course Portal

You will get access to our Course Portal with recorded lectures where you will meet our teachers with different specialties. You will access the study material through speech screen recorded lectures in PowerPoint.

You also have access to the Course Portal when it is time to do exercises and assignments submitted for review by our staff who will give you feedback. You can also check your knowledge by answering a quiz. 

In the Course Portal, there is a community where you can discuss and ask other students about the different phases of the course and also get support from our staff.

The Lecturers 

The lecturers are experienced professionals:

Interior Designer, Homestylist, Realtor, MBA property manager, 3D animator, Photographer, Feng-shui consultant, Lighting Expert, Florist and Colour Expert.

Target group

You who are passionate to work as an Interior Designer.  After completing the basic- and the continuation course and your final assignment you will receive a certificate as a Certified Interior Designer. You can work professionally as an employee or self-employed and operate all types of Interior Projects.


Through the entire course you will get all the support you need. In the Course Portal you will find a chat service and you can also send an email to our supportteam concerning your questions.

Potential opportunities

The course covers many topics and you will after graduation have opportunities for many different kinds of Interior Jobs:

  • Employee at an interior design company
  • Self-employed with various types of private and commercial assignments
  • Work in an interior decorating or furniture shop
  • Kitchen Advisor
  • Specialist in a restaurant consulting firm
  • Interior Designer in a construction- or real estate company
  • Interior Designers in a department shop
  • Decorator in a shop selling textiles
  • Home styling Advisor
  • 3D drafters in a bathroom shop
  • The list can be much longer, but these are some examples.

Our courses have a strong focus on you to work as an interior designer after graduation. Most of our students get jobs soon after graduation.

Some examples of countries where "our" Interior Designers work in today:

  • Sweden
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • The United States
  • Spain
  • England

Voices of graduated students

"I was training to learn more about both styling and work as an interior designer. I learned a lot that I even now in retrospect is very useful both in my personal life and at work. Thanks to the training I have among others I found work at Hemtex this summer and I really enjoy it, then I am free from my studies at the university. 

As we are also busy with renovating our apartment is also easy to think back to training and remembering what one would think of different situations. I'm glad I took this course it has given me a lot"

Jonna Skoog

"I am pleased with the program, I thought it was both serious, fun, challenging and covered the areas that need to be in the interior design industry. I have recommended the program to several people"

Sanna Bergfors

"I have had great use of it for training, which is very funny. I work in sales at IKEA. I have worked at the company since autumn 2016. Give advice and sell furniture and home furnishings to customers is something I feel very good with"

Jessica Karlsson


  • Introduction
  • Welcome!
  • Support
  • Forum
  • What is good design?
  • Interior Designer definition
  • Interior Designer characteristics
  • The Interior Designprocess
  • Interior Design private and commercial
  • Checklist at customer meetings
  • Interior Design of housing – Assignment
  • Planning schedule
  • Interior Design Professions
  • Interior Design of kitchens- Assignment
  • Colouring
  • Plans in 2D and 3D
  • Scale and proportions
  • Design history
  • Building history
  • Design of outdoor environments – Assignment
  • Lighting
  • Human Dimensions
  • Ergonomics
  • Projects
  • Interior Design of a bathroom- Assignment
  • 3D animation introduction
  • Create a room in 3D
  • Create more rooms in 3D
  • Conclusion
  • Faced continuation


Approved task for the certification. Our goal is that you after the certification will to be able to handle all types of interior design projects of any scale.  

Så ansöker du

No previous experience in Interior Design necessary.

Application and registration

Use the form below or send us an email including:

  • Name of the course
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Country

Examen & Intyg

After self-study, completed assignments and passed certification statement on the continuation course gives you the certificate of title Certified Interior Designer.


Course fee is 8500 SEK (825 €) incl. VAT. Payment of invoice in advance that will be sent by email to you. The course fee includes: Access to all the lectures in the Course Portal. Exercises and assignments and continuous support by email and in the Course Portal. 


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