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This course is designed for Aspiring Food and Beverage Professionals to help them better understand the various facets of Food and Beverage Operations. The curriculum is resourceful to those who are keen on furthering their career in Hospitality and Food and Beverage Operations. With Sections on the Varied Fields of F&B Operations, detail on Franchising, Management Companies and Government Services, we also re-enforce the basics on various types of services, table settings, equipment used in service, types of menus, types of service operations, food garnishes and accompaniments, and various standard operating procedures followed by food and beverage service business.

Presented in easy to navigate electronic modules.

Set out in a series of 7 focused modules, this course is designed to provide the students with in-depth insight into the practice of Food Service Management.

With topics ranging from Operational Planning, External forces affecting the Industry, Managing Franchise, Chain and Independent Operations and the related relationship Controls to Planning and Leadership & Directing – 5 Weeks of part time or 4 Weeks of full-time study will provide an excellent base to kick start a career.

NOTE! English is the worldwide standard language in Tourism and therefore this course is presented in English, along with a detailed English/Swedish Industry terms dictionary.


  • You start your training whenever you want
  • You're studying any way you want, with a PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • You will decide on your own course of study
  • You study where you want


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You'll get recorded lectures in our course portal where you meet our lecturers with different specialised areas. You'll see short movies with our lecturers presenting themselves and their subjects, and with some screen-recorded lectures in PowerPoint.

The lecture material itself also has access to the course portal when it is time to perform exercise and submission tasks that are submitted for review by our staff, which will then provide feedback to you. You can also check your level of knowledge by responding to diagnostic tests.

In the course portal, there is a Forum where you can discuss and ask other course participants and teachers about the course content. During the course period, you will be in contact with the instructor if you encounter questions or problems, and when you receive feedback on your submission details. Interactivity by chat, mail and phone. Continuous training and submission information is available in the course material so that you can verify on an ongoing basis that you have properly discharged the material.

You'll read the training in our course portal whenever you want. There are screen-played lectures, still images from lectures, exercise details and submission details. You do everything in the course portal, including the examination work.

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After successful submission tasks and work, you will have achieved the Certified Food Service Management requirements.


The course fee is SEK 17500 including VAT. Payment in advance against invoice for each syllabus of SEK 2500 including VAT or the full training against an invoice. Payment of 12 months possibly of SEK 1667. You must have completed the training before you can get your certificate.

The course fee includes:

-Training material in the course portal through screen recordings

-Exercise tasks

-Submission data

-Examination samples

-Continuous support via mail and telephone and professional guidance -Issuing and sending of diplomas

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