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looking for a room in Stockholm - Forum

2012-05-17 22:00   Margarita

Hello! I'm easy-going, organised and quiet person. I 'd like mates similar to me to share a flat near the city centre of Stockholm. I'm Spanish and I move to Sweden to learn Swedish during the summer. So if you are Swedish native speaker and you are interested to make a language exchange with me that would be great :) English native speaker would be ok too, but in the end any room will be fine.

RE: looking for a room in Stockholm
2012-05-24 01:32   siva

Hi., I have a room in my apartment, i would like to rent it for summer. If you want for a longer period, we can talk it out.! I speak English. I would be interested to learn little bit of spanish words from you during free time :) pictures will be mailed upon request and regarding learning swedish, i have a lot of swede friends, I will introduce you to them. call me at 0760585859 lets dicsuss in detail.

RE: looking for a room in Stockholm
2013-05-12 21:35   Mike

Hi Margarita, I have a room in Sundbyberg. Please contact me at: Regards Mike

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