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2010-05-05 19:43   Brra
Hej. Ska börja tandläkarlinjen September i Riga och undrar om det är någon som ska också börja nu efter sommaren? Antingen från Stockholm eller varsomhelst i Sverige. Hör gärna av er! Mvh Brra

RE: Boende i Riga
2012-01-30 00:05   Navid


I would annonce you that i had studied Medicine programme ( UPP to semester 9 but I was banned to continue my study due to my political activity against regime of Iran )

In Sweden HÖGSKOLEVERKET ( Swedish national agancy for higer study ) has determained my previuos study unites equal with a Bachlor level in Biomedicine.

I am intrested to continue my study in medicine and surgery ( Läkare programmet which is usual name in Sweden ) in your university until complete my M.D in Medicine field.

therefore i would like to know am i able to participate in Medicine programme on third yearor even from 4th year according my previous studied unites of study programme plan or i should to start from the begining once again ?

could you please inform me as soon as possible what i have to do or what is your propose.
or can you say me what are requirtments for acceptance in M.D in medicin program.
how is going on with applay ? should applay froms be submitted directly in univerciy or are your univercity in contract with some agancy like Studt aborad in Sweden or Sonans Interstudies in Norway . how is better to applay ( directly or by theses agances ) .what is yours advice ?
Incidentally i have four years experience in pharmacy and Microbiology labratory in Iran and Turkey.

would be informed also about entrance exam or any others way of acceptance to start programme ?
which level of english is requsted ( I have alerday a very good grade in English Lenguge from Secundary high school in Sweden )
I have alerday this kind of level for secundary school subjects grade Biology B more than VERY GOOD ( 20) .Natur science B very good (16) , Chimistry B MORE THAN VERY GOOD ( 20 ) . Match C UPPER OF GOOD (14,5) . Physic B very GOOD ( 16) . I am coming to improve my score grade in subjectMatch and to study a level upper wich is equalent with D level in Sweden and will like to study tow semester more Match upp to level E in Sweden .

RE: Boende i Riga
2012-01-30 19:43   Brra

Everything sounds good!
You should tell that to the deans office of riga stradina university, please check their homepage

Send your info to them and they will explain everything!

Good luck my friend!

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